"My drugstore reading glasses are cowering in a corner in shame. Support these guys! Glasses look great!"
David A, Vancouver BC
Style 908 - Downtown Brown

I wear them enough that they way as well be a fashion item
Maye M, Los Angeles, CA 
Style 905 - Yaletown Yew

I can see!! So happy to have found this fab stylish reader peepers from Seymour + Smith. No more granny glasses!
Mary Z, Vancouver BC 
Style 906 - Stanley Spruce

I absolutely love my Seymour + Smith readers! I have all four styles! I get an insane amount of compliments, everyone loves them. It makes the inconvenience of having to wear readers fun!!"
Tim G, Vancouver BC
Seymour + Smith Collection

I received the package today! I LOVE the readers! The fit it great and they have fantastic style! I am definitely a fan! I get a lot of compliments on these and love the wood-like look of the frames. They also feel great on!! I am definitely a customer! 👓""
Marjorie C, Norfolk VA 
Style 905 - Yaletown Yew

I never leave home without my Seymour + Smiths. They are on my favorite things list. I have 4 pairs of these stunning readers. Simply the best!
Tina A, Vancouver BC
Seymour + Smith Collection

 "Good-looking reading glasses are hard to come by, unless they happen to be in Seymour + Smith frames. I like them so much I’ve had a pair converted to sunglasses and another to daily use prescription glasses. My drugstore reader days are happily behind me"
Bob B, Lafayette, CA
Style 908 - Downtown Brown

 “Absolutely the coolest glasses. I’m a writer and these will be my “go to” glasses for readings, signings and all of my events. I’ve got so many compliments on them already." 
Sally M, Atlanta, GA 
Style 905 - Yaletown Yew

 “Pretty sure these glasses have changed my life" 
Diana A, Bellevue, WA 
Style 905 - Yaletown Yew

 “Hello! The delivery arrived, I love them. The quality is fantastic, can't tell you how happy I am with them. Glad I bought both colours. I have been raving about them to my daughter. You truly deserve praise!" 

Julie M, NSW, Australia 
Style 906 - Stanley Spruce and Style 905 - Yaletown Yew

 “I love these glasses! Best reading glasses ever!" 

Brenda P, Los Angeles, CA
Seymour + Smith Collection 

 "NICEST LOOKING readers ever!! I also find that they are so much better than any other readers I have worn. They make great gifts too!!"

Nanci S, Vancouver, BC 
Style 907 - West Point Grey

 “Elegant, sturdy and classic style makes these readers my favorite find of 2018. Love love love the Yaletown Yew Reader I purchased from Seymour + Smith" 
Susan S, Myrtle Beach, SC 
Style 905 - Yaletown Yew

 I buy mine in threes!! Perfect to tuck into your pocket without being concerned about damaging them. I get endless compliments about them! Can't live without them.

Judy B, Whistler, BC 
Style 906 - Stanley Spruce