Yaletown Yew Reader

Designed to be universally flattering - this is this ultimate unisex reading glasses frame. A total score for men and women. 

People will stop you in the street - "where did you get those glasses?". Don't say we didn't warn you! Probably best to get multiple pairs of these readers. Literally life changing! 

Perfect if your hat/helmet size is medium or large. 

A wearable and versatile neutral with the textured grain finish. Works with all skin tones, face shapes and hair colors. Double spring hinged temples move forward and back, making for comfortable wear. No nose pads - nothing to get caught in your hair. Super lightweight. 

Included: Vegan leather hard case & micro-fiber protective cleaning pouch

Size:        Medium/Large
Style:       #905 – Yaletown Yew

I wear them enough that they way as well be a fashion item” 
Maye M, Los Angeles, CA

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Design Story: I am a proud Yaletown resident! I love the warehouses and rail yards, brick lofts and cobblestone streets. I created “Yaletown Yew” with the intention to be the perfect wearable and versatile neutral for men and women. The blonde wood is inspired by the solid wood beams gracing the ceilings of the local restaurants and shops. I love the light but still warm tone of the wood and the grain texture of this piece. - Robin 

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