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Seymour + Smith Reading Glasses

Greetings Dear Reader!

The need for reading glasses was growing around me; friends, loved ones, acquaintances all reaching for a pair to read the menu at a restaurant etc.

Their only options seemed to be drug store frames (broken, plastic, covered in scratches) or expensive frames from the optometrist (have you ever lost a $400 pair of glasses? Painful).  I sensed too, the resistance - "I can't believe I need readers!". Can you relate?

I've worked in the fashion and design industry for over 23 years. I know what is universally flattering on people; you are in expert, loving hands! My intention in creating this collection of chic, youthful, affordable reading glasses was to instill joy and confidence in the wearer. My mission is to help you see. Never again will your readers age you. Never!

Get ready for positive feedback; "where did you get those readers? They look great on you!". My frames will enhance and elevate your look. Try it and see!

Inspired by the people and places of the beautiful West Coast, I've incorporated a natural feel with classic design. My readers are hand polished and made from sustainable materials. We minimize the use of plastics in our packaging, and strive for environmental sensitivity in all aspects of our work. 

I hope you love your new eyewear as much as I do!

Happy reading!
- Robin

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