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Reading Glass - Arbutus Ridge Reader
Arbutus Ridge Reader for Women - Red Round Frame
Arbutus Ridge Reader for Women - Red Round Frame
Reading Glass - Arbutus Ridge Reader
Reading Glass - Arbutus Ridge Reader
Arbutus Ridge Reader

Arbutus Ridge Reader

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Arbutus Greenway is a bustling corridor of people, parks, and places intersecting the westside of Vancouver from False Creek to the Fraser River. A decommissioned railway, this bike and walking path has it all - gorgeous views, inviting rest areas, and cozy coffee shops galore! I created this round red frame as a nod to the local Arbutus trees and the energy of this vibrant public space! You will love this fun and bright addition to your wardrobe.



Design Details:

Round shape, classic style, flattering frame. Beautiful vibrant red with subtle marbled textured finish on black contrasting arms. Durable and hardy, for all those times your readers are tucked away in your purse or pockets. I’ve intentionally incorporated the nose pads into the frame- nothing to get caught in your hair or clothes.

Frame Size: SMALL

Product Details: 

  • Extra-strong 5 Gauge hinges stand up to tough treatment.
  • Premium quality optical-grade plastic lenses (CR-39), ground to precise optical standards giving same sharp, clear vision as premium prescription eyewear.
  • Aspheric lens design for additional visual clarity + reduced eye magnification - this is especially important the higher the + power.
  • Hydrophobic lens coating to make cleaning easy while applied hard coating helps reduce smudges and scratches.
  • Anti Reflective (A/R) coating makes it easier for others to see you on video conferences and in photos. Improve the quality of your online interactions!
  • Blue Light Filter blocks 100% of 385nm - 415nm range (harmful blue light) while allowing 445um -505um blue light (beneficial blue light).
  • Our Blue Light Filter Lens is proven to reduce eye strain from electronic devices - no more sandpaper eyes at the end of the day!

  • Vegan leather hard case & micro-fiber protective cleaning pouch included

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: 

Buy with confidence. Our reading glasses are backed by our 30 day money back guarantee, and a 3 month free replacement warranty for any defects. Exchanges are also available. We are here to serve you.


What Customers Are Saying: 

"These red readers give my face some much needed colour. Very comfortable as well! " 
                                                                                           Marion L, Mayne Island, BC


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